Module: Layout and Visual Design

About the topic

The acceptance, comprehensibility and implementability of user information depend upon a great extent on their visual presentation. Thus knowledge of typographic principles and  uitable layout forms, corresponding to the selected medium, is vital - as is the knowledge of the relevant layout programs for their technical implementation. Technical communicators need to be able to develop a visual outline that corresponds with the contents and meets the expectations and habits of the users.
This module helps to develop knowledge and skills that benefit all those who are involved:

1. The author: The author can transform the contents, that he has created into a suitable visual form in a targeted and effective manner thus shortening the design process.
2. The company: A user- and content-oriented design increases the acceptance of the user documentation and thus of the product.
3. The customer: A reader-friendly typography and a clear layout support the user in implementing the contents safely and quickly.